Covid - 19 - Planning for ‘end of life’ situations

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We are in such strange times. They are times which, among other things, are making us think about dying.

Quotes from recent e-mails:

“last week a friend’s son had to take her to the local hospital and was told, literally, ”she will have died by tonight and you must go home now".

“My wife and I have had the conversation, and both of us have decided that we would rather stay at home than go into hospital in the event of CV19”.

Talking about Dying

We continue to encourage all of us to talk about dying.

We are adding some links below to help those who haven’t yet made a will or an advanced directive. Doing this will help those you love to help you or to carry out your wishes.

Where medically possible we have a choice and we can make sure that our choice is known.

An excerpt from a conversation with an intensive care unit doctor dealing with Covid-19 patients:

“But it’s such a blessing for families when they are certain that they know a very sick person’s wishes and can honour them. So have that conversation.”

Read the whole blog here:

Making a will


Advanced Decision

Treatment decision specifically about Covid-19


These are difficult just now. Funeral directors are advising who can/cannot attend. Some have videoed a burial with others watching via the internet. Others have agreed to the body going for cremation with arrangements for a memorial service or gathering to be made later. Sadly. but for good reasons nothing is quite satisfactory.

This is another issue to talk about together.

Here is guidance about funerals and Covid-19:

Planning ahead for the end of Life - Macmillan

This comprehensive and detailed booklet covers all the above topics apart from Covid-19: