Dying matters awareness week 10-16 May 2021

This year’s topic is the importance of being in a good place to die.

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Dying Matters Awareness Week: 10-16 May 2021


This year’s topic is the importance of being in a good place to die.

Place here means physically, emotionally and with the right care in place as well as whether in hospital, hospice or at at home. We have known for a long time that most people say they want to die at home. In fact most of us die in hospital. However, this last year during the pandemic many more people are dying at home.

It really is worth talking about your own wishes and making some important decisions.

Do click on the link https://www.dyingmatters.org/AwarenessWeek and find out more.

For example there are daily themes during the week:

  • Physically (place of death, Advance Care Planning)
  • Emotionally (talking about death, making sure loved ones are cared for)
  • Financially (making a will, making funeral plans)
  • Spiritually (How different faith groups talk about and prepare for death)
  • Digitally (Looking at digital assets, social media, online banking)

“providing a chance to look deeper at how different aspects of dying – some not always immediately considered – can affect being ready to die and those left behind.”

There are also local and national on-line events to join. https://www.dyingmatters.org/AwarenessWeek