George Alagiah’s reflection on his cancer

  • Testimony

At a memorial service on November 7th Sophie Raworth, his co-presenter on the BBC Six O’Clock News read out words that George Alagiah had dictated to his wife Frances shortly before he died in July, ten years after having bowel cancer diagnosed.

Alagiah had said: “It is a painful yet exclusive luxury to be living with cancer because for the most part it is a story of a death foretold. Many of us cancer patients know that our time is running out so there is time for reflection.”

He continued: "If you haven’t already told the people you love that you love them, tell them. If you haven’t already told them how vulnerable you sometimes feel, tell them.

"If you want to tell them that you’d like to be with them until the front hall stairs feel like Everest, tell them. You never know what is coming around the corner.

“And if, lucky you, there is nothing around the corner, then at least you got your defence in first.”

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