Improving end of life care

  • Testimony

Claire Henry MBE, describes herself as “passionate about striving to improve end of life care”. She recently wrote in her blog for Dying Matters Week (10-16th May 2021) a piece about losses during Covid, memories of her dad, his death and his funeral with Covid restrictions:

“  We knew that many wanted to join so we did what many other families have done, we live-streamed the funeral. It really helped us as a family to know that people were joining us in our shared grief and loss. Dad had lived for over 40 years in the same village when we came out of the house and travelled through what is a long village and stopped outside the church it felt like the whole village had come out to say farewell. Dad would have loved this and it made me realise how moving it was for people to show they care by standing and giving up their time. That was important to me.”

Here is a link to the whole of her blog:
The Blog about Chipsticks for Dying Matters Week by Claire Henry MBE