Session 5: Talking to children

Martin Down

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Read: Chapter 8

  1. How should we talk to children about death and dying?

  2. When should we talk to children about death and dying?

  3. Should we try to protect children from the realities of death and dying?

  4. Should children attend funerals?

  5. Pray for wisdom for parents and friends who have to talk to children about dying.

This course is designed for Christian Study Groups, meeting in a trusting environment where people can talk confidentially about their hopes and fears.

Each person should have a copy of the book Talking about Dying, Wilberforce Publications 2017.

It would also be good if people brought Bibles to the meetings of the group to refer to.

The Leader might like to prepare a short Bible Study to lead into prayer at the end of each session, but not so as to inhibit the time or the opportunity for people to express their own views and emotions.

These studies look at the subject in a different order from the book. The book was designed to start from where the average reader was likely to start: with talking about dying with a friend or a doctor. Only later does the book open up the subjects of life after death and prayer for healing.

As Christians we should start with the question of prayer for healing and our faith in the life of the world to come. All our later discussions can then take place in the light of those.