The Lancet Commission on the Value of Death

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Lancet Commission on the value of death

The Lancet is an independent, international weekly medical journal. It recently published a report on the value of death. International medical experts, interested in death and dying, were involved and there were 27 authors of this 48-page report. This is one of many commissions the lancet has been involved with.

The report discusses the fact that dying has become a medical event and has been taken away from close involvement of family and community.

One community system in Kerala, South India has brought relief to many of those dying and their family members.  The belief is that dying from a life ¬≠limiting illness is a social problem with medical aspects, rather than the other way round. The commission looks at this way of doing things, the use of, how it began and spread, and good and not so good things about it.

This ‘cartoon’ tells the story of how “Bill” with a terminal diagnosis was helped by a range of people who became “Bill United”.