Pain and Faith

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Patrick Sookhdeo is the director of Barnabas Fund, a Christian international organisation. Recently his mother, aged 93, died ‘in excruciating pain’.  This event has caused him to reflect on the problem of pain and suffering, either in body or in mind, and to look into its meaning and purpose for those with a religious belief.

He writes: “Holding my mother’s hand, as she grasped mine, seemed to bring some comfort to her. To have her loved ones close beside her brought consolation, and the wonderful compassionate care of the nurses and doctors did all that was possible to relieve her suffering”.

He concludes that though there are no easy answers to the question “Why pain and suffering?” and that suffering is difficult to measure and compare between individuals with different experiences, all religions can provide a framework for its understanding.

Those who are interested can read the full article he wrote by following God and suffering - does religious belief alleviate pain and suffering?