Trouble with Wills

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I passed an acquaintance recently and took the opportunity to give my condolences on the deaths of her parents. They were both in their 90‘s, one had severe osteoporosis and the other dementia. They had died within two days of one another from Covid-19 which the wife had contracted in hospital after admission following a fall. It was a hard knock but now there is another problem - the will can’t be found. The daughter recalled asking her father about a will some years ago and he promised to leave it in a safe place. Now she fears that it was destroyed by her father during the ’shredding spree‘ she also remembers. Coping with ’probate' after a person dies intestate is very troubling and unsatisfactory.

I have a friend in her 80's who knows this. Her husband has had cancer for a few years and has been in and out of hospital for the last few months. My friend is anxious because he has so far refused to acknowledge that it is time to make a will.

Find information about Making a Will here in Talking about Dying Chapter 12 on pages 137 and 138 and equally important, on page 139, the advice about ensuring that the Will can be found when needed.

Dr Elaine Sugden